Though the bright lights simply prove too intimidating to some, the bilingual but somewhat shy young actress felt strangely at home in front of an audience.In the years that followed her initial exposure to the stage, Kim refined her talents at both New York's High School of the Performing Arts and later at the University of Boston.Upon graduation, Kim wasted no time in taking to the New York stage until a phone call from a friend in Korea led her to a temporary job as a film location manager in 1996.

This was followed by two other roles in "Foreboding" and the miniseries "Wedding Dress".

Then in 1997 she was offered a script for her debut film, "Shiri" (1999).

Shiri was South Korea's first blockbuster film and became the highest grossing film in the history of Korean cinema in 1999. aka Gingko Bed 2 (2000) (informal English title)**...

Although she is best known in the English-speaking world for her role as Sun on the American television series Lost, Kim has also appeared in numerous film and TV projects in South Korea and she speaks Korean.

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Biography Introduction A talented South Korean actress who first made a name for herself throughout Asia with a powerful performance in director Kang Je-gyu's ultra-stylish, heart-stopping action film Shiri, Kim Yun-jin soon found her popularity in her native country spilling over into the U. when she was cast as the survivor of a horrific plane crash in the hit ABC series Lost in 2004.

Born in South Korea and raised in the United States, Kim enrolled in her school's drama club in the seventh grade.

Proving her abilities with a series of supporting roles on television in the following months, Kim received her breakthrough when cast in a pivotal role in the wildly successful South Korean action film Shiri.

In addition to making the actress a household name in her native land, Shiri surpassed even Titanic at the Korean box office and found international success throughout Asia before eventually arriving on American shores.

A series of high-profile roles in such profitable South Korean features as Iron Palm and Yesterday were quick to follow, and after appearing in the 2002 Hong Kong drama Milae, Kim returned stateside to essay the role as one half of a South Korean couple whose airplane crash lands them on a mysterious island in Lost.

Early life Kim was born in called and persuaded her to return to her country of origin, to appear in the South Korean TV drama "A Gorgeous Vacation".