Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner were seen strolling around London on March 3 after having lunch together at Caffe Nero.This new outing comes after a dinner date at Nobu on March 2 and a concert date last week.

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You must be 18-years-old to enter a club in London.

However, Justin Bieber recently refuted that claim to be the reason they left and insisted that it was merely a “weak ass club.” What do YOU think, Hollywood Lifers?

Are Jaden and Kylie dating or was this just a friendly outing?

China Anne Mc Clain is already a legit Disney star, and her sisters, Sierra Aylina Mc Clain and Lauryn Alisa Mc Clain, are following in their younger sister’s footsteps!

This talented family trio, appropriately dubbed The Mc Clain Sisters, were recently signed to Hollywood Records and are already making some serious moves in the biz! China, 13, is the youngest of the girls and got her start when a music executive heard her sing.

The girls have premiered their single “Rise” for a new Disney movie, they have an album in the works, and they’ve opened up for Big Time Rush on their Better with U Tour! She was then introduced to a director and snagged a role in the choir (along with her sisters!

Twenty-two stars (11 girls & 11 boys) were born in this country. Cake (China and Jake)China's POV: So right now, I'm getting ready for date with Jake. Jake is taking me out on a date to the movies to go see the Divergent movie. Jake led me upstairs to the terrace and overlooked Los Angeles. We pulled away from each other."When I first saw you, you were beautiful.

Eyewitnesses told Mail Online that Jaden, 14, and Kylie, 15, also enjoyed a romantic dinner at Sophie’s Steak House in Covent Garden on March 1, where they were allegedly kissing.

Regardless of the status of their relationship, Kylie and Jaden have been spending a lot of time together in London, including hitting up a Kanye West concert in which they were seen getting particularly close. UPDATE: “They’re dating,” a source close to Jenner tells .