Best thing: all of the soap dishes and convenience shelves that come pre-molded into the panels.Once considered the ugly ducking of the bathroom remodel trade, pre-fabricated stalls now come in a variety of textures, colors, and shapes, giving tiled shower units a run for their money.Many units can be installed by a do-it-yourself remodeler.

Should you install a prefabricated (prefab) shower stall or construct a tiled shower stall?

The tiled shower stall is built from scratch by carpenters and tilers.

Carpenters construct the frame, walling it in with a cement-based board such as Wonderboard. They are composed of a shower pan and solid side panels.

One deciding factor between one-piece or multi-piece units is whether you can get the one-piece unit through the doors of older homes.

Homeowners often choose multi-piece units for this very reason.

Multi-Piece Best Pick: American Standard Acrylux 60" x 32" Shower Kit all wall panels, glass door, and shower pan.

Wall kits are for bathtub-only or tub-shower combinations.

The tub stays in place but you cover everything above the tub with wall panels.

Wall Kit Best Pick: Buy From Amazon - Swanstone Veritek Tub Wall Kit Swanstone's Veritek Tub Wall Kit is a good, reasonably priced way to refurbish your icky tub/shower combination.

This is a five-panel wall kit effectively obliterates those nasty shower walls, covering them with white, bone, or bisque-tinted Veritek panels.

For a faux-tile look, the panels have simulated grout lines.