These discussion boards are provided as a free service to the boiler operations community to promote the free exchange of ideas and to provide assistance from one boiler operator to another as they see fit.Sprung Services accepts no responsibility nor guarantees the accuracy of any posts in these message boards.Chat Rad is an alternative to random chat sites like Chatroulette & Omegle but with a different vision.

In the real world you don’t find people walking down the street without their clothes and online we believe it should be no different.

We have moderators online 24/7 that quickly shut down users that are misbehaving or trying to expose themselves on cam.

This is what makes us different and our mission is to build a webcam social network community that you can feel comfortable using.

You can use Chat Rad to make friends, get romantic, sing a song, play an instrument or otherwise connect with other users on a human level so you can express yourself and learn about people from different parts of the world.

Users can register with the site, post to a forum, and the post is visible immediately.

Unfortunately, this means a site user could post something you may find obsene, profane, inappropriate or offensive to you in some way. We decided to make the forums unmoderated to prevent delays (waiting approval from a moderator) in activating your posts.If you find a post objectionable, please send an email to: [email protected] By using these forums, you agree to hold Sprung Services, Inc.harmless for any legal recourse related to objectionable content posted in any forum. Information provided in these message boards is not necessarily the opinion of Sprung Services, Inc.You can discuss politics, culture and many other subjects that interest you.Chatroulette and especially Omegle have become an exhibitionists playground and we will not allow that to happen on our site.Using Chat Rad takes 2 easy steps: first press "start" and then enable your webcam, that’s it!