I never really thought Beckham was guy I just had a crush on him because I thought he was cute.After I saw his entrance to Kate and William's wedding I was absolutely convinced that yes he is gay and very much a nelly at that. If he were trying to coach and/or commentate, I could understand playing the closet game.

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As long as he is the only out player, Sam is insulated at least a little bit from being cut, because the Rams might be afraid of being called homophobic.

If there were other gay players, however, they would cut him in a heartbeat if he didn't fit into their plan.regarding Beckham, wasn't there a rumour that the "Mistresses" stuff was really a cover for Victoria cheating with women? I definitely think Aaron Rodgers is gay, and he'll probably come out after he retires.

Athletics wise, Kelly Holmes is so obviously gay, but I doubt she'll come out any time soon. It used to give me the eeebiee jeebies...r77, I put a lot of the blame for that on both his father Carl (for being a stage parent) and the NHL for not knowing how to handle a gay (albeit closeted) superstar.

r2, last I heard, he just spent a night in the drunk tank & left next morning. Hextall said it would be dealt with internally, i.e. The Flyers have a history of having a tough rep with more than a few queens in the line-up. And of course Lindros, who just got married and had a son, I think.r17, they were very close on Lindros, but then he retired. At this point, it's known throughout the hockey world, and his value is strong enough to withstand the old guard homophobes. Shanahan went on and on about stressing his character, almost like he was vetting him. It will be a longtime before someone with the stature of Tom Daley, Ian Thorpe or Matthew Mitchum comes out in one of the Major sports. Became a sports analyst-I'm not surprised with his mouth. Ask about his mistresses to everybody who lives on LA. AFTER he left the NHL, when bearding wouldn't matter, he got married to a woman.

I'm laughing my ass off, but have to act like I care in public. It was Canada Day, which is basically a 24hr street party up here. An take note that none of the three I mentioned are Americans. He reminded me of Eddie Olczyk, another guy who had interesting rumours around him a la Shanahan. Or just ask about it to Ted Casablanca and Lainey."I don't care much about Beckham and never found him hot, but you wouldn't have to be a Kinsey 6 to sleep with a man. Same thing with tennis player Gustavo Kuerten, who many said was gay.

A player that your average fan has not even heard of. Barnaby would fight, though, unlike Miss Turtle Queen.

Most active athletes who come out would be a Jason Collins/Michael Sam type.

So David Boudia and Thomas Fichhum I am looking at you. After he retired he got married and had several children.

There's been gay rumours from the UK about Beckham for years, don't let the crybaby at r29 fool ya.