The girls, of course, have to watch as, one by one, their peers are murdered before them. Willow quickly thinks to herself, it’s just a neighbor, and keeps walking.

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Check this out, you get 9 days for free with a 90-day account, and 37 free days with a 1-year account! Sincerely, Site Admin Starring Stormy, Alisha, Ashlee, Starlie, Paige, Belle, and Jizzabelle Note: This is a 50min kidnapping/hostage extravaganza.

Lots and lots of damsel in peril, begging, sobbing, and marching to and fro to either watch or be executed.

There are lots of psychological twists that make it even worse for the 7 poor, innocent victims. Kidnap the daughters of the wealth, use their phones to call their parents and threaten to kill them unless they are paid ransom.

After 3 more girls are kidnapped they go back to the abandoned mill to make the phone calls and let their victims sweat in anticipation of there fate.

After the calling process is completed, they get the other two girls they already have and march them all to an area set up with plastic tarping on the floor.

The main bad guy is a twisted fucker and he likes to mess with the girls—keeping his intentions a secret until amost the last minute.

Not one knows when they are going to die until these words, “Take your panties off”. March them back to the holding room and then make more phone calls.

Once he has them strip completely nude, they are most likely dead. It’s those calls that are proving to be the most difficult process, and they do not bode well for the girls.

Next, after the calls, gather the girls up, march them back out and, after the “game” of who will it be–execute another. Answering it, they discover two girl’s–petitioners for something. As she watches the last of them be murdered before her, she knows, she will be let go. The men leave, setting off the charges on their way out. Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Various Head-type Execution Shots, Marching, Crying, Torment, Cuffed, Gagged, Body Piles, Body Positioning, Body Views, Shoe and Foot Views.