He is also a founder of Floridians for Better Transportation and serves on Florida’s “Council of 100.” He is active in the Florida Transportation Builders Association and, since 1998, among the leadership team of its national counterpart, the American Road & Transportation Builders Association. This year's companion medalists are: Penny Murphy, President of Pioneer Linens, Joseph B.“Jay” Shearouse, President and CEO of First Bank of the Palm Beaches, and Carey O’Donnell, President of O’Donnell Agency. Click here to read about our past AFE recipients: Arthur L.Williams, Jr., a former high school football coach whose second career transformed the life insurance industry, 2014; Tim Gannon, entrepreneur, restaurateur and champion polo player, 2013; Brian P.

We aim to develop in each of our students an appreciation for the unique American achievement in its many dimensions—social, political, economic, moral, legal, and religious.

Our general education curriculum, required of all students, includes a course entitled “Freedom in American Society,” which examines the meaning and significance of freedom in the American experience.

Students explore such topics as the historical roots of American liberty, with special emphasis on the close link between liberty and Christianity, and the nature of freedom as understood by the chief architects of the American political order.

Wayne Huizenga, Jr., president of Huizenga Holdings, Inc., 2011; Edward M.

Kobel, president and chief operating officer of De Bartolo Development, LLC, 2010; John D. Woerner, Woerner Holdings, Inc, 2001; and Rich De Vos, 2000, Orlando Magic.

Mac Arthur, insurance and real estate entrepreneur, 2009; John M. Palm Beach Atlantic University confidently affirms the values and institutions that historically have informed American society—religious liberty; traditional Judeo-Christian morality; limited, constitutional government; the Rule of Law; personal and political accountability; and capitalism—the system of free enterprise.

Gregory, managing partner of SJ Strategic Investments, LLC, 2008; Karl H. Epperson, Salem Communications Corporation, 2004; Sam Moore, Thomas Nelson, Inc., 2003; Joseph R. We believe that America is truly an exceptional nation, which was founded and has flourished under the guiding providential hand of God.

American Free Enterprise Day (AFE) is a Palm Beach Atlantic University tradition, dating back to 1984.

It is highlighted by a medal ceremony that honors individuals whose hard work and achievement exemplify the best of the American free enterprise system.