Instead, for the majority, it’s the hunt for a husband or wife.

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In fact, it isn’t much different from what happens in “normal” American dating. Sex that sometimes happens at that same, perfume-soaked religious event in D.

C., sometimes referred to as the “ultimate hookup spot.” Still, sexual liberation is a tricky thing, especially for the women: by breaking from tradition, especially in a society where men may want to have sex with you but marry someone more “pure,” how free can you truly be?

That is, what can you do, without being considered a “slut”?

” It’s fashionable to investigate the supremely awkward speed-dating scene at religious conferences.

was keen on the sinus-clearing stench of perfume at a matrimonial meet-and-greet in D. Picture hordes of single men running towards single women and plates of biryani.

But it isn’t all tall, handsome doctors (that’s stereotypically what a Muslim girl should hope for) and buffets.

Conversations with a dozen first-generation Muslim-Americans in New York City (several more declined to be interviewed) reveal a more nuanced scene.

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Talk to young Muslim-Americans about dating today, and they’ll tell you that the hookup culture is a lot like Linked In.