Anger over his daughter, Brooke Hogan, dating a black man was the source of Hulk Hogan’s reported racist rant, one that not only ended his celebrated career with the WWE but caused the company to scrub him from its Web site.

You know, the billionaire next door type – except he’s never there. (If that’s what you’re after) I’m not talking about women being attracted to men in uniform or students being attracted to their teachers.

It seems to me that many people are attracted to power. I’m talking about women who are only interested in dating very powerful men.

But here’s the paradox: Sometimes what attracts us to a person is the very same thing that turns us off.

Perfect example: Jon’s Corzine’s -wife described him as being, “tainted by ambition.” She must’ve known he was a very ambitious guy from the get go.

You don’t lead Goldman Sachs and then become the Governor of New Jersey and then head back to Wall Street (a rare move) without being insanely ambitious.

It seems to me, so many women want to date a “successful” guy so they can live a rather comfortable lifestyle. If you’re going to pick the same guy with or without money, why not take the guy with dinero?A woman might argue that they’re just attracted to the qualities and characteristics of a very successful man.“He doesn’t talk like that, which is what was so strange about it.” Brooke Hogan then acknowledged how damaging her father’s words were to his career, but veered into a decidedly odd discussion of reverse racism.“I feel bad for my dad, but I also feel bad for the African American fans and stuff because they don’t know that he didn’t mean it,” she told the television show. “But this is something that we have to put a stop to every day, because I’ll be honest with you, I’ve had a black guy call me a honkey, and I’ve also been told that white people smell like bologna.I’ve long questioned the definition of success so there’s no need to do that again.However, for this post, let’s say that we define success as Steve Jobs type success.