All samples received in Sao Paulo are sent to our lab in Florida overnight at our expense,” Beta Analytic director Thierry Tamers says.As with the company’s other forwarding facilities, the Sao Paulo office only accepts documents and samples.All business communications, billing, and payment remittances are processed and done in the Miami headquarters.

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As part of efforts to better serve clients in South and Central America and to strengthen its presence in the region as a high-quality commercial radiocarbon dating lab, Beta Analytic Inc. Clients throughout the region can now send their charcoal, wood, bones, dung, plants, seeds, peat, shells, pollen, forams, soil, and organic sediment samples to this forwarding facility.

“Some of our clients have experienced problems in sending their samples directly to our Miami lab.

We’ve decided to open an office in Sao Paulo to solve these shipping issues and provide our clients with a more convenient and cost effective way to submit their samples.

They don’t have to worry how long their samples will get to Miami.

Clients in Europe are encouraged to send their samples to the office in London, UK.

Clients in Japan coordinate with Chikyu Kagaku Kenkyusho Corp. Those in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are served by an office in Beijing, China, which was set up in 2009.

A sample forwarding facility for South Asia clients has been set up in New Delhi, India, in recent months.

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