Self Inflictions Self-Injury, Suicide, Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, and any other ways we inflict harm on our bodies.Please do not glorify negative behaviors/habits, and do not threaten to harm yourself.Its unethical and illegal for us to try to talk you out of your plans.

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DID Youth Group 🔑 Only open to littles/middles (alters under 13yo) and moderators.

Is mostly used for hosted chats, but also serves as an extra room for kids to hang out and support each other in a safe environment with no grownups present.

Fort Refuge Chat is limited to members only, just so it's free from spam and trolling.

I am very open minded to all sorts of pleasure ;-)And one great pleasure is chatting with my sweet viewers!

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Serious Topics This is where we talk of serious stuff: child abuse, domestic violence, rape, PTSD, poor ADLs, or any other issue abuse survivors may be struggling with.

Don't worry about triggering others: we're here to talk of abuse and are capable of self-care.

No DID, self-inflictions, adult issues, religion, ritual abuse, or off-topic.

DID/MPD Dissociative Identity Disorder (also known as Multiple Personality Disorder), DDNOS, switching, alters, inner communication, time gaps, etc.

While both bigs and littles are welcome in other rooms (to talk of other, non-DID topics), discussions of your dissociative symptoms belong in this room only.